Innovative Technology

There’s never been a more important time to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and technology, and here at Lightsource, we understand the crucial role that training and development play in your business.

We want to enable you to streamline your unique company policies and requirements, such as Health and Safety regulations, by utilising our innovative new training concept that will be tailor-made to your requirements and budgets.

Live Video Mixing

Live video mixing is a neat technique for use at large-scale, multi-room events. We can film live footage of your event, be it speakers, vox pops or simply crowd shots and mix it live onto linked screens throughout the site.

This method of live mixing can be very useful at our outdoor events, particularly for large staged events being broadcast onto a big screen or roadshow demos and talks being shown to a large seated audience on linked plasmas.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is swiftly becoming the norm and we can live stream your events, both privately to invited absent delegates or staff or globally, so that the whole world can tune into your message.

Green Screen

Whether you want to showcase a building that doesn’t exist yet, a location on the other side of the world or just want a fun video to kick start your staff conference; Green Screen Technology could be the choice for you!

Tour Guide Headsets

Many companies are now multinational and helping to break down the language barrier in business are Tour Guide headsets. These simple multi-language translation tools are perfect for use in guided tours of an industrial site, where noise pollution may add to the confusion of non-English speaking delegates.

Tour Guide headsets eliminate the worry of miscommunication and help to block out noisy industrial environments. We supply, deliver, and configure headsets for you, meaning you can get on with hosting your guests!

Voting Keypads

Popular with conference organisers and attendees alike, is our ‘Audience Response’ system. Delegates use their own wireless keypad to vote on questions posed from the stage. Results are then displayed instantly on screen.

There are opportunities for team scoring, demographic analysis, and data collection, all integrating seamlessly within presentations. The keypads can all provide fun and effective ‘ice-breakers’ to kick start a conference

E-Induction & Custom Built Interactive Training

  • Meets the Health and Safety objectives of YOUR workplace
  • Introduces companies’ objectives and values
  • Saves instructor time and costs
  • Complete on-site or online before a visit
  • 6 figure savings costs when used on multiple sites
  • Fun, accessible, and relevant to YOUR employees
  • Streamlines training, whilst achieving higher comprehension and ensures correct answers are given before progression
  • Completely custom-built, incorporating all your requirements and specifications
  • Alternate versions for visitors, single or multiple site users
  • Legally defined certifications on completion.

Does your workplace, events venue, church, school, or even your home need an update?

Don’t get left behind in the technology revolution; get your message across and engage your audience with the latest presentation technologies.

Lightsource can provide you with permanent installations of screens, PA systems, projectors, and lighting solutions as well as the possibility for live video links to screens around your venue. We will complete a technical assessment of your premises following a site visit, make recommendations for the best options for you and our highly qualified technicians will install your equipment to meet all your health and safety criteria.

Lightsource Productions is your solution for exceptional event management, AV hire, live streaming and video production services nationwide.

With our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology, we are committed to delivering unparalleled services across the UK. Whether you require flawless execution for conferences, award ceremonies, or product launches, or seek to elevate your audio-visual experience through our comprehensive AV hire and production services, Lightsource Productions is your go-to solution.

Our skilled team will expertly capture the very essence of your moments through our professional video production services, while our live streaming services connect you to your audience in real-time. Embrace the future with our state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Get in touch now to discuss your AV requirements and allow us to craft an extraordinary experience that surpasses all expectations.

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